Any bike - electric or otherwise - is only as good as its last service.

Squeaking brakes, grinding gears, power cutting in and out, chains that fall off. None of this is acceptable.

Sleek eBikes has a fully equipped workshop on site, with all the tools, parts and machinery required to perfectly service both electric and non electric bikes.

We are certified by all our brands and also by component manufacturers such as Bosch, Brose, despeed etc.

The first tune up for a bike sold by Sleek (50 - 100) miles is free of charge. Thereafter we recommend a single service every year in March/April (unless you're doing very high miles).

Ride the bike all year, come and have a nice lunch in Tarrytown's excellent restaurants while it's being serviced, and then home to wherever. We have a full complement of spares from the manufacturers.


Why talk about delivery in the service section...?

Bikes come from the factory, often in the far east. Courier companies employ teams of elephants to dance on them (probably!).

When I buy bikes I buy a pallet full. They arrive in great shape.

On the occasions where there is any damage they are meticulously repaired (using brand new parts), then assembled, tested and re-tested to make sure everything is running at 100% perfection.

When someone buys a single bike online it is not on a pallet. It is a sad, lonely and vulnerable box, often the bike gets damaged in the journey. The box goes on its side, other boxes get piled on top. Picked up dropped, moved, bumped.

Manufacturers are less and less keen on people buying on line because modern bikes are complex and delicate machines. Disc brake rotors are easily bent. Wheels can be pushed out of true. Gear alignment can be damaged. All fixable if you know how and have the relevant tools. But most people don't.

Buy from us your bike is perfect. Every time. Buy might be, but then again it might not. We can repair it - probably - but that may cost more than any saving you've made and will certainly add all the hassle of unpacking/building/cursing at the broken piece/trying to return to original vendor.

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