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Each brand tends to have its own style and feel. Despite nominal power output often being similar (and real power output being completely different), each bike's software, motor choices, and riding positions make the bikes feel very different.

Ariel Rider: Wonderfully old-style laid bike cafe racers. Super comfy, well integrated, and keenly priced around the $2K mark. Drive around on the throttle all day.

Blix: Swedish retro style, very easy to ride, and great folding options. $1.5 to $3K

Bulls: Huge range of motors and styles, top-of-the-range German engineering, and fantastic E-mountain bikes. Some very nice commuters. Bulls is a huge European brand and their bikes come in multiple sizes, multiple frame variants, and advanced technology. Something for everyone. $2.5 to $5.5K

Faraday: San Francisco style. Beautiful finish, light, and are great hill climbers. Very well-engineered pedal assist, giving a lovely natural feel to ride. Faraday bikes come in multiple sizes and frame types. They are super popular. $2.5 to $4K

Gocycle: This eclectic English brand is design all the way. The bikes are super light, super trick, and super foldable with no visible cables. Bikes come with USB connection to phone. They are loved by yacht and RV owners everywhere. One size fits all. $4.5K

Magnum: Great stuff from the boys in Israel! Bikes are not only high powered and fast, but are equipped with responsive systems. Great value for money! They even make scooters. Magnum is a super popular brand. One size fits all. $1.5 to $2K and change

Ruffian: Super high end hand built German fabulousness. All about the look, but paired with bang up to date, top of the line modern tech.

Urban Arrow: Go Holland! The finest kid carrying bike I've ever ridden. Very safe, very well engineered, quite capable of taking you and your kids for miles up the hills, along the trails, wherever. They make a great cargo bike too. 

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