Renting an eBike in Tarrytown!

Tarrytown is a beautiful historic town on the Hudson River. So many things to see: Sleepy Hollow, Phillips Manor, Lyndhurst, KuyKit (the Rockefeller estate), the Croton Dam and more importantly is home to many miles of beautiful paved and unpaved car-free trails.

But it's hilly! And things are a long way apart. Taxis..? Traffic...?
Fumes...? That just sounds expensive and stressful.

Much better plan - rent an electric bike!!

We have a selection of wonderful electric bikes to rent. You ride just like an ordinary bike. Pedal, go. Stop pedalling, stop. Coast where possible.
Enjoy the views and the sunshine. But the hills can be dispatched withe ease and achievable range is tripled. 20 miles on an eBike is like a wonderful relaxing stroll.

We have Bull Sturmvogels in small, medium, and large, a fast Magnum Ui5, and coming soon some fabulous electric mountain bikes to ride around on!

Rates are:
$25 per hour
 $45  half day
 $65 per day

Trails include South Yonkers Trailway, North Yonkers Trailway, Old Croton Aqueduct (OCA), Lakes trailway, and many more.

Rent  an eBike!
$25 per hour
$45 per half day
$65 per day

Sleek eBikes knows electric bikes. That's all we do.

We're all about expert advice and test rides.

We've got thirty bikes in store - you can test ride any of them.

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