Selle Royal!

There's no need for sore bottoms. Comfy is good.

Lycra shorts.'s a look. Not ideal.

You can go further on an ebike, and you tend to sit up, so you've got to be padded in the right places. But how...?

Well the charming people at Selle Royal think they have the answer. An ergonomic fitting system called Scientia.

First you sit on this dinky little seat:

Selle Royal bike saddle fit

The gel on that surface is pushed to one side by your SIT BONES! Not by your cheeks.

That allows us to measure how far apart said bones are and get an appropriate saddle width.

Next we look at the angle of your spine on the bike. (See picture below). Now we can pick the saddle that has the gel layered at the correct angle too.

Put those two together and it narrows you down to the anatomically correct saddle for you!

I wasn't sure it was going to work so I've tried it on a racer style bike for 2 hours and an enduro mountain bike for an hour and 40 minutes aaannnnnd...

Perfect!! First ride on two separate saddles, no cycling shorts, just ordinary shorts, zero sore butt reported.

They're not super light, but who cares? You've got a motor now. What they are is very well priced, very well made, and comfy for ALL BUTTS!

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