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Electric bikes can feel remarkbly different to ride. Mid drives, rear drives, large motors, small motors, completely different software. You can read all about it but withouy trying them out you really can't tell what you will or won't like. Some people like aggressive, zoom off the minute you start pedalling type machines, some people like very subtle, better integrated with the legs type machines.  Sleek  believes that if you try a few back-to-back on hills/flats/ corners you're much more likely to end up with something you really like . We carry multiple bikes from multiple brands, and we have about 30 bikes in the showroom at any one time that you can try before you buy.  

 Tarrytown has steep hills, flat spaces, zero traffic paved trails and dirt trails all close by.  Everything you need to test, compare,  and make an informed decision. 
Showroom bikes are available at a discount straight off the floor, or order the model you want in your preferred colour/size and we'll get it built and delivered in about ten days.

What about service? No sense buying a bike if you can't get it serviced. To be part of our offering a brand must have a good supply of readily available parts (and a warehouse in this country), good diagnostic software that is available to our mechanics, and have good warranties and a good reputation. 

What about  financial clout? There are some very cool start up companies pedalling (get it?) some very fine machinery - but if they lack the financial clout to survive and go bust in a couple of years what happens to your investment? What about parts? Not good.
Sleek only carries machines from companies that are either well established or have powerful backing. Why take the risk?

Good eBikes are not cheap. Protect your investment. We sell top of the line locks from Abus, plus helmets, lights, etc.

Delivery: We have a white-glove service for eBike delivery. Bikes are fully assembled, tested, fitted to you and then delivered to your door for a modest fee depending on the distance.
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We used the rental bikes today and we were extremely satisfied. My fiancé was skeptical because she thought the bikes would make riding too easy. Edward explained to us that the bikes are still great exercise but provide an extra kick that you really appreciate on hills. Edward was friendly and passionate and explained everything well. The store was beautiful and the bikes were beautifully designed. The bikes rode extremely well. We were so impressed, that we plan on purchasing two in the near future.
Eddie Martin | October 16 at 10:33am
I am an older ,less physically fit person who has always enjoyed biking.I love my Blik folding bike.Edward is an excellent teacher and extremely personable in addition to being knowledgeable about the bike.Its comforting to know he is available for questions and maintainance when needed.I highly recommend checking out these bikes.
Mary Lee Enright| October 14 at 5:55am
Edward is friendly, fun and super smart with a great sense of humour, he is passionate and know what he is doing. He gives great advises.
Nathalie Nash De Saint Germain| August 9 

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What's With the Volts?

Hi! I'm Edward, owner and founder of Sleek eBikes. I used to live
and work in New York City, but I got tired of subways and cabs
and looked at some other way to get around. 

Car? Expensive, nowhere to park, traffic.

Motorcycle? Expensive, nowhere to park, never-ending bad hair

Electric bicycle? Like a delivery driver? Doesn't sound good!
Well, hang on. There are some good sides.

Modern eBikes are beautiful machines. Like beefed up ordinary
bikes, with flat-proof tires, good fenders, and comfy riding positions.

No need to work up a sweat if you don't want to.

But they are so much fun; you end up riding much more. Gentle,
low impact, so no injuries or strains, but when you're in the mood,
pedal as hard as you like! No license, no insurance, no parking, no
gas. I was hooked.

3 years later (and 20 pounds lighter), I've moved to the 'burbs' and
I'm spreading the eBike gospel. I've got kids, I want to leave the
world in good order for them. Cars and gas are the most polluting
things we use. Does a family really need a third car to get Mom or
Dad to the station? Does a person really need 3,000 pounds of
metal to get to the post office or the market for some milk?

We all loved biking as kids, but distances get longer as you get
older — knees and backs get painful, you get sweaty, it's no fun, the car is easier.
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But with electrical assistance! You still pedal, sure, but the bike's
electrical system feeds in too and it's like having super-powered
legs! Workout as little or as hard as you like. No sweating, no
effort on hills. Going 10 miles is like a 1/2 hour brisk walk.

At the end of each year with a car, you're a couple of pounds fatter, a few grand poorer, and a couple of years nearer a coronary. 

At the end of each year with an ebike, you're a couple pounds thinner and a few dollars richer (from saved gas, parking, insurance, and parts).

Riding an eBike is like constantly biking slightly downhill. Every journey is a joy. I make excuses to go to the market and buy one
item at a time. Of course, there are times when you need the car, but for those shorter journeys transport can be healthy, great fun, and non-polluting.

Plus sometimes it's nice to get out in the fresh air.

I've taken every course from the manufacturers and one of the best mechanical schools. We only sell the finest, best-made vehicles. We will service them perfectly.

Come see what we've got. Put the fun back into transport!
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